Baking up Fall Inspirations

Monday, October 18, 2010

I love when two random inspirations connect with each other and combine themselves into the most perfect creation. Okay, that may be a little deep for some random readers, so let me explain.

I read a lot of magazines and 'dog ear' zillions of recipes and craft ideas. Only some of the most sacred recipes from these monthly magazines actually make their way into my kitchen. The others make their way into my classroom to use for art and learning activities as my students cut right through Rachel's Ray's 30 minute meal in search of a noun (person, place, or thing), spelling words, or thematic collages. Well, this month's issue of Cooking Light, and it's cover recipe - Peanut Butter Banana Bread (and the four other tempting versions), kept calling my name from the coffee table. I gathered the ingredients for the bread and waited patiently for my bananas to brown a bit and ripen perfectly.

I also shop at Michael's craft store quite often and have been very impressed with the inspirations I have stumbled upon in recent months. With an already overflowing cart, I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw these fall inspired mini loaf baking dishes for...get this...$1.00!

Were these baking dishes and the Banana Bread recipe soul mates? Was it divine intervention? Or was it a sign from Martha herself? Don't know, don't care. Where's my apron already?!

A match made in heaven.

Baking up Fall Inspirations!

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