Attention Passengers: This Birthday Party is Taking Flight!

Monday, May 16, 2011

 The theme for my son's 2nd birthday party had me on cloud 9 with ideas and inspirations. I had a few flight attendants who helped me prepare for this airplane party filled with flying high fun. Even with help, I hit a bit of turbulence in the cake department and the long flight of party planning left me with a major case of jet lag. Now that the party plane has landed and there's no turning back to the tarmac, I am ready to depart with the details from my little pilot's 2nd birthday party.

Fasten your seat belts and turn off all technology devices {besides this one}, we are ready for take off!

How adorable is this custom built airplane for our little pilot? He is lucky to have grandparents that will go round trip to help make his parties so special. I'm loving the flight # with his birth date and although it didn't really fly, it did roll, and that made all of the passengers at the party very pleased. The grass...not so much!

My husband insisted on designing the invitations for the party to help save money. {Flights are expensive these days.} I chose an airplane digital scrapbook pack found on ETSY, and ordered  asked my husband to fire up Photo Shop.  He did a great job with the invitations and I will definitely be ordering more products from DaddyDesigns.Com. And just wait until his friends find out that he created the cupcake topper designs as well. Hope I don't have to call security!

Passengers were welcomed with this airplane wreath I made using squares of fabric, tacky glue, and a chopstick. Follow my tutorial {here} if you want one for your airport!

Tissue paper clouds and wooden glider planes floated above the party guests.

I created two of these cloud 9 topiaries to display at the party. They were super simple to make, using a flower pot, foam, spray painted dowel, Styrofoam ball, and lots of cotton balls. The airplanes came from a foam kit at the craft store. I just took my obsession with topiaries straight to first class!

Birthday banner!

Cloud 9 Cotton Candy was served as a snack.

Propeller Pops were perfect for the party. I dipped marshmallows in water then colored sugar before gluing fondant propeller pieces and a mini M&M to each one with frosting. Then I placed the marshmallows on the end of a lollipop stick that was dipped in frosting, to help hold them on. Propeller perfection for your pallet!

The little aviators were served lunch bags filled with an airplane shaped sandwich, applesauce, fruit snacks, and a cheese stick. They fueled up with apple juice to get them to their final destination, which happened to be cake and presents.

The adult passengers were served lunches made of Take Flight Turkey Sandwiches and Soaring High Chicken Salad Sandwiches, along with a perfectly portioned cup of pasta salad and a bag of chips. I love this grab-n-go lunch idea for parties!

And now for a little cake chaos story that I am convinced was an act from the party planning Gods above, sneaking in a little lesson on party planning overload and raising my tolerance for turbulence at times like the one I experienced approximately 15 hours before the party was scheduled for departure.

There I was, standing on the doorstep of a house where my new found cake maker lives. Blank check in hand and flying high with excitement to see the aviation cake creation she had made for the party, I soon realized that I had changed the date of the party after contacting her about the cake, and totally forgot to let her know that we needed the cake for a week earlier than we had originally discussed. Minor detail.

My visions of my son's amazing airplane cake came crashing down and I cried. Right there on her doorstep. Was I really that wrapped up in cotton balls, fondant, and fabric to forget to clear the runway for the cake?After I wiped my tears and apologized for the mix up, I decided to make an emergency landing at the Publix Bakery. The cake plans were re-routed in a different direction, and we made a safe landing after all.

The cake topper was my original idea and came straight from my son's toy box. I used one of our toy planes and put it on a cloud of cotton candy and stuck a #2 candle in the plane with the help of fondant to keep it grounded. and Karen of Fabrics and Fonts, came through with the cupcake toppers.The runway on the cake table was created from wrapping paper and medical tape.

The final stop on the flight was Baggage Claim, where the party guests picked up their favors. Colorful take out containers were filled with airplane cookies from this local bakery that were resting on cotton ball clouds and complete with a personalized luggage tag. No lost luggage on this flight!

Throwing an airplane themed party for my little pilot was just plain fun.

I hope you have enjoyed your flight today and...

And now we have reached our final celebration destination!

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The Grooters said...

The cake turned out great even though it was a near disaster. I love Publix cakes!

Candice said...

Very cute! You thought of every detail! I love it!! Visiting from Sweetpeas and bumblebees.

~The Bargain Babe said...

Very cute! It is funny, my baby just turned one and his theme was also airplanes. :) So fun for little boys!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt said...

i absolutely like your party picture.wonderful idea that you share in this blog.your theme creating scheme is so good..

Gia said...

Wow! You really did think of everything! So clever, and what a beautiful boy!